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The AMR Benefits Management team works for you and your people FIRST. We help business leaders and HR elevate healthcare quality, reduce healthcare costs, and improve benefits overall so you can take better care of your employees. 

The AMR Benefits Management team works for you and your people FIRST. We help business leaders and HR elevate healthcare quality, reduce healthcare costs, and improve benefits overall so you can take better care of your employees. 

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Andy Roberts

Founder & Employee Benefits Consultant

"Brokers portray themselves as people who can help you control your benefits costs – especially health insurance. However, the very person who is supposed to be the expert (your broker) generally doesn’t know very much about healthcare finance. It’s no wonder health insurance costs for most employers continue to inflate year after year with no explanation! It is not until you understand and focus on the various components of the healthcare delivery ecosystem that you have a chance for better results or achieving the triple aim – higher quality, lower costs, and better outcomes."

Over twenty five years Andy has built a team of professionals who design and implement custom benefits plans that allow employers to take care of employees like family. This ability to help businesses create the conditions so employees thrive adds tremendous value. Few advisors can have such a significant impact on the lives of the people they touch as AMR Benefits Management. Guided by Health Rosetta principles, Andy humbly embraces a servant leadership role with his teammates and his clients. Andy has a Master's Degree in Healthcare Purchasing and Design from the University of Lynchburg s well as his Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation. Outside of work, Andy is a husband and a dad. He’s never caught a fish that was too big, skied snow too deep or read a book that didn’t offer a nugget of inspiration.


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Ryan Rourke

Employee Benefits Consultant

"When it comes to benefits, employers spend huge sums of money and want to achieve an ROI. The ability to attract and retain talent, improve employee wellbeing, and increase productivity are their desired outcomes. ROI is easier to achieve when the cost of your benefits programs are less and quality is high."

With over twenty years experience in the industry Ryan is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to managing cost and adding value. With an innate sense for what is fair and good, Ryan guides his clients to solutions that accomplish their goals without fail. His intuitive ‘right plan’ at the ‘right time’ for the ‘right price’ thinking adds tremendous value. Vendor partners appreciate his integrity and mission driven tenacity.  Outside of work, Ryan is a dad to three wonderful young lady's and enjoys coaching youth sports.  

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Maryellen DeCoff

Employee Benefits Consultant

"To take care of your employees like family, you have to have your game on. You need partners who are always there for you, ready to guide and eager to lend a helping hand, someone who embodies the servant leader mindset."

With over fifteen years in the industry Maryellen knows how to get things done and is someone you want on your team. Managing projects, tracking massive amounts of data, advocating for positive problem resolutions, and making things right are her specialties. If you need help, decision support or just a shoulder to lean on, Maryellen is your person. Few have such a strong moral compass for good. Outside of work, Maryellen is a wife, mom, and dedicated exercise ‘boot-camp’ warrior whose self-proclaimed weakness is birthday cake.

At AMR, we’re a family, and we know you feel the same way about your people, too! Partner with us and let us help guide you to better quality care and lower healthcare costs.

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About AMR Benefits Management

We guide your company and people to high-quality, competitively priced healthcare by building custom high-performance plans. As a Certified Health Rosetta Advisor, our plans save organizations like yours 20 - 40% on their healthcare spend and provide your people access to the best care and services.

In those turbulent times, much of our success came from hard work, relationship building, and operating in a selfless fashion. The formula was simple - figure out what a client or prospect really needed and deliver only appropriate solutions that would add value. We call this our fiduciary mindset. It has served us well and will continue to do so into the future.

Twenty-two years later, we are still offering many of the same solutions that other health and welfare benefits brokers sell (we’d argue we do it better though) and providing all the necessary communications, compliance, and technology support that employers require.

We have also developed a solid understanding of organizational and employee wellbeing which translates into a solution with real efficacy. Most importantly, however, we have doubled down on our effort to make an impact on employee healthcare costs. The current model is unsustainable and literally stealing the American dream. We simply can’t hide the fact that health insurance is the elephant in the room.

Our investment of time and energy into understanding the healthcare ecosystem is making a difference for clients and for that we are both proud and bullish. As always, our success will come from our client’s success. We put trust in them the same way we ask them to put trust in us. In our mind, it is the only way to do business.

If you’d like to speak with us about how we can help your organization take better care of its people and reduce its healthcare spend, schedule a meeting with us today.


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