The Health Rosetta

Improve healthcare quality, optimize healthcare costs, increase employee satisfaction.

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Improve Care & Save Money With The Health Rosetta

AMR Benefits Management, LLC, is a Certified Health Rosetta Advisor. Through the Health Rosetta, we develop custom, high-performance healthcare plans that can save organizations like yours 20 - 40% on their healthcare spend and provide your people access to the best care and services.

Ready to improve healthcare quality for your people and lower costs at your organization? Schedule a meeting with us to learn about our custom, high-performance healthcare plans.


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What Is Health Rosetta?

With the Health Rosetta, you, your employees, and your organization can get the most value out of your healthcare.


1. Improve Healthcare Quality 

Help employees spend less out-of-pocket and gain access to better care. 


2. Optimize Healthcare Costs

Reduce your organization’s healthcare spend by 20% or more.


3. Increase  Satisfaction

Retain your people and attract new talent.

Healthcare is already fixed.

Let’s navigate the fixes together.

Business leaders like you should be able to purchase high-quality healthcare for their people at a lower cost.

The Health Rosetta:

  • Increases the quality of care
  • Reduces the cost of care
  • Improves the patient experience
  • Enhances the clinician and/or caregiver experience

As a Certified Health Rosetta Advisor, we build custom healthcare plans that are aligned with your people and organization's goals. Schedule a meeting with us to learn how we can help you improve healthcare quality and save money.


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Want to lower your healthcare costs by 20-40% and improve the quality of your employees’ care? Then your healthcare plan must include these six elements. Download our free white paper to learn more.


It’s time to leave the status quo behind. Join other progressive employers and HR leaders and start taking care of your people like they’re family.

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Get A Health Rosetta Plan