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The CEO’s Guide To Restoring The American Dream

“How could we have so many smart and passionate doctors, nurses, clinicians of all types, and other professionals—and spend far more than other countries— yet have largely abysmal health outcomes? The root cause I found is that we purchase healthcare incredibly ineffectively. Medicare, Medicaid, private & public employers. Everywhere.”

- Dave Chase,
The CEO’s Guide To Restoring The American Dream

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The healthcare system is broken.

It’s no secret that the American traditional healthcare system isn’t what it could be. But you might be surprised to find out how much the healthcare system impacts families and businesses across the nation.


Today, healthcare is one of the United State’s biggest expenses, costing employers an average of $22,885 per year. That’s $2,000 more than the sticker price for a brand-new Volkswagen Beetle. 


And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


In this free chapter from the book “The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream,” author Dave Chase—one of the most influential innovators in digital healthcare—breaks down the true cost of healthcare for employers and the people under their care.


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CEO's Guide To Restoring The American Dream

Why You Need To Read This Book

Dave Chase’s comprehensive book is specifically designed to help employers understand the complex healthcare system and how it impacts their business, employees, and bottom line. In this guide, Dave identifies the root causes of dysfunction within the healthcare system, the gravity of their implications, practical solutions that provide a way out, and the foundation of a people-oriented healthcare paradigm.

Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, HR leader, or an employee, this book will provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to reduce health care costs while improving quality of care.

What’s Included In The Free Chapter

The CEO’s Guide To Restoring The American Dream is a 4-part guide that includes detailed case studies from across the country, personal stories, research-backed statistics, and additional resources to help you implement a model 2.0 health care system for your business.

In the first chapter, "America Has Gone to War for Much Less," you'll learn:

  • How much healthcare is costing your business
  • How much it is expected to rise over the next few years
  • How and why employers are getting fleeced
  • How doctors across the nation are stepping up and changing everything

Dave’s practical solutions will help your business partner with vendors who are fiduciary- and transparency-driven, eliminate deductibles and copays for employees, attract and retain quality people at your organization, and save thousands on annual healthcare costs. The chapters are comprehensive yet easy to read, broken down into terms that can be understood by the CEO, the average frontline employee, and everyone in between.





What Real Customers Say

“This book should be required reading for anyone that buys health insurance or healthcare services. If you buy health insurance for your company, you likely spend millions of dollars (or tens of millions of dollars), or you spend tens of thousands of dollars buying health insurance for your family. Whatever you spend, this book is well worth your time as I believe everyone, no matter your position, can benefit from it.”

- C. Hamilton,
Amazon Customer Review

“A must read for every CEO, CFO and Benefits Purchaser! What is a seemingly complex problem, Dave Chase has simplified. Read this book, pass it on to a friend. When we organize together, when we get involved, when we stand up and speak out together, we can create a power no entity can suppress.”

- Megan R. Cook, 
Amazon Customer Review

“One of the best books that I've ever read. I can truly say it started my journey into becoming a consumer of healthcare and seeking out like-minded professionals. The healthcare system is flexible, and I'm happy to say I know many of the folks forever changing our system. Thanks to Dave for that and for everything else that you have launched.”

- Joanne Giardini, 
Amazon Customer Review



Change The Way You See Healthcare

The thought of changing your healthcare plan can be overwhelming, particularly if you aren’t sure the benefit will outweigh the cost. By applying Dave’s proven strategies, you will be able to stop overpaying for low-quality healthcare, and start investing in a new plan that reduces spend and improves your employee’s quality of life.

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